How well would you review your services if you were your own client? An honest evaluation of yourself would lead to another question: are you thriving in the escort industry? Being successful in any business takes a lot of getting-little things-right. If you are in the sex business, there are certain ethical codes you must adhere to—somewhat like dos and don’ts. Many ladies jump into the pool without having adequate knowledge, or experience of those little things they should do and not do when they are with a client. These past few weeks, I’ve been receiving several emails from girls who are prospecting the escort service industry; I got some from a few rookies too. They were requesting I share some tips on how they can achieve REAL success as a sex worker.

If you haven’t read my blog post on Top Ten Tips to Being a Successful Escort, click on the blue link to see a checklist of the things you need to do to become a high-class escort.

It is quite important for you to have long-term goals as a professional escort, but people make mistakes while building a career. I made a lot of mistakes in my first few years in the escort industry and I learned on the job through personal experiences. Usually, clients have diverse needs and you cannot assume a one-style-fits-all model when rendering your service to them. There are general rules for the game, but let me advise you on a few pitfalls you must avoid if you ever want to achieve success in this industry.

Here are 5 mistakes every escort must always avoid:

  1. Appearing Different to Clients in Reality

Clients like to get what they see, so give them exactly that. So, you’ve invested a lot of time and money in sessions with professional photographers, make-up artists, and expensive female accessories for that epic photo shoot you hope will thrust you to ‘VIP status’. Way to go! But can you represent the way you have portrayed yourself online to your client in real life?

You can’t look stunningly beautiful in your professional photos and appear plain in real life. I strongly advise that you only market your normal looks or live up to the standards you have set with your photos. Some clients are very courteous—they may act nice the first time you meet them, but may never book an appointment with you again. Others will cancel the appointment the very instant they see you. The simple logic is this: if you have VIP rates, you must also give your clients the VIP experience.

  1. Long Calls and Exchanging Dirty Emails With Clients

Some prospective clients will want to start an acquaintance by trying to have long discussions with you on the phone or exchanging kinky e-mails and texts. You might be relatively new in the area and think you need to impress your potential clients, but in reality, you are getting ripped-off. Let the e-mails and phone calls be concise and to the point. Truncate any kind of tricks from the beginning of your correspondence and before actual meeting takes place.


It is normal to get kinky with regular clients. A lot of clients love to get an escort’s attention outside of their appointments, elite clients especially. It makes them feel important and indulged. But that again, is a very tricky one. Avoid the mistake of giving them too much of that feeling. You think that you are staying relevant to them, but if they know they have such access to you, they may take you for granted and not book new appointments with you.


  1. Hurrying a Client During Encounter

Definitely, you won’t have all your clients coming back often. A lot of them love to explore. But if clients do not reach out to you anymore, or you are getting very few repeat clients, then it is time you did some introspection. Ask yourself: “are there things I didn’t do the right way?”  If you’re going over time with your meeting, I suggest that you politely propose new payment conditions that will cover for the extra time you spend with them. Avoid putting your client in haste, especially affluent middle-aged men. No one has a good time while getting rushed. It is, however, possible that you have other appointments lined up (which happens in several cases). In that situation, propose a future date when you’ll both have ample time to spend with each other.


Make sure your client understands that for you, time is money—but do it in a very nice and professional way. Like I mentioned before, clients have diverse needs and you must do everything within the limits of your profession to satisfy them. If your client feels like having a chat, communicate accordingly. If they want to engage in a recreational activity such as swimming together before the encounter, try to go along with them. Do everything you can to get your client to enjoy your company so that they can always come back.


  1. Loitering Drivers or Other Men

Many escorts consider it a safe practice to have drivers take them to the meeting place, wait around, and drive them home after the encounter. Escorts prefer male drivers who can go searching for them if they don’t return in time. In my many years of experience as a high-class escort, I had drivers who dropped me off several meters away from the client’s house or meeting venue. It makes a client uneasy to be aware that someone who knows their address and the reason for the meeting is lurking around the same place that moment.


Elite clients are particularly wary of this. I’m sure you desire to have many upscale clients booking you regularly, so here’s how to avoid making such a mistake: ask the driver to drop you off at the location and call them to come fetch you when you’re through with your meeting.


  1. Making Upsell Moves

The last thing a client wants to hear is that he has to pay an extra $100 unless he wraps it up, or that he’ll have to add an extra $20 to get some anal pleasure. I understand that last minute ‘upsells’ are normal for escorts working under agencies. Agencies have to get their own commissions. But if you are working independently, always avoid creating additional rates for the activities you’ve led your clients to believe are part of your service. It will be a huge turn-off for your client, and you could possibly lose very valuable customers that might provide a steady source of significant income for you.


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