Your First Date as an Escort

It’s your first day at work and it’s alright to be a little bit nervous. I was too.  And in the end, we all realize there’s absolutely no reason to be. For an escort, however, it might not be that simple. Besides having all the skills and etiquette, having a successful date has a lot to do with the little things you might not know! But unlike your more experience colleagues who learned on the job, I wouldn’t want you to act like a greenhorn on your first day as an escort.

Okay…always keep this in mind: most men who feel the need for escorts are often deprived of affection, respect, attention, and of course sexual satisfaction at home or generally. Whatever the case may be, there are a few things you can do one your first day to make you look like a pro. So, keep reading…then thank me later!


Many men suffer from diminished egos. They have been ignored, abused, and disrespected in one way or the other by their partners (either past or present). It’s a natural thing for men to seek validation by all means, and that’s the reason some of them go down with escorts. Could you do anything about that? Of course, you can. Boost his ego. You can do that by passing sincere compliments about his appearance. You can also chip in one or two flatters but avoid sounding too fake. An inflated ego has a lot to do with physical activity. So, it’s simple math: the better you make him feel about himself, the better he “performs”.


Sometimes, women need to take the lead. Don’t always wait to be told what to do. An example is to suggest what activities you can engage in to make the night more exciting. For instance, you can a song to be played on stereo…a slow erotic song, and ask for a dance. On my first date as an escort, I went with some pre-rolled joints, but that was after establishing that my date smokes cannabis. We smoked a couple of joints together and that really set me mood for more interesting things we did that night. He became very relaxed and expressive and that made me more comfortable. Yes, you guessed right. I was in control.


“Dress the way you want to be addressed.” It’s a common saying. Men are often turned on by what they see. If I was your date, I would like to see you arrive in a dress that has all your goodies hanging out. However, dressing in a very decent way will influence the way he interacts with you. Being an escort is nothing lesser to being a marketing executive. It’s a job that should command respect from your clients. It is very important to be able to spark an interest in your client that’s not only about what you can do together behind closed doors. This trick may help you get dedicated clients, and even a few referrals. And that’s definitely a great start! 


Men always talk about how good looks and other physical attributes turn them on in a girl. Everyone wants a “trophy” girl for a partner or date. What they don’t really talk about are those subliminal factors that naturally create attraction between them and the opposite sex. Men love intelligent girls. That’s the simple truth. Most men are sapiosexual, and they show more affection to women that appear to be intelligent. Talk smart. Be rational. Do not try to continue in a conversation with topics that are outside your interests. If you’re taking the initiative to raise a topic, make sure it s one you have considerable knowledge in. A good conversation could make everything happen for you on your first night out.