6 Ways to Spice up Your Next Date Night with a Client

Good clients can be pretty hard to come by. Many people book escorts not because they don’t have relationships but for several other factors they have no control over. Popular instances are: conflicting schedules, proximity, or the simple fact that they seldom get holidays or breaks from work. Men with this kind of social profiles usually belong to the middle and upper classes of society. So, next time you get booked for a date night with your client, I advise you make the memories of that meeting really pleasant. Make those hours really exciting, tantalizing, and electrifying for your date.

There are plenty things you can do to spice up your next date night with a client, but here are 7 of the simplest tips you could use, that would guarantee you an enjoyable night:


When going to meet your date, buy a few expensive chocolates. Chocolates are believed to heighten the senses. Feed him some and ask to be fed back. Starting the night with this kind of activity sure prepares the atmosphere for a lot more fun things that will potentially happen.


This should be easy for you to do. While you two are eating or having a conversation, slip your shoe off and extend your toes to rub his calf or thighs. Then continue with the conversation or food as if it’s not happening.


Roll up the carpet, clear some space, crank the CD player for a suiting song…and dance. Dancing helps you get your adrenaline levels higher. It also creates some sort of chemistry and a urge to get closer with the other party.


This may not be as literal as it sounds. If you’re hanging out in a restaurant before getting behind closed doors with your client, you can order and share exotic foods that have aphrodisiac properties. And if your client appears to be the more practical type, you can both share real pills, and then prepare for the grand finale.


The degree of contact you have with a date in public is usually minimal. Some clients would not touch you or your personal effects at all. But if it’s the case that you’re spending the whole together, there are a few ways to getting him comfortable to touch you. Ask for help while pulling your clothes and request that he run a bath for you. Make him sit by the edge of the tub and wash your body.


This is the final show for the night. After the shower, be sure to slip into something sparse. Tantalize him with some sexy moves and a lap dance if the situation permits that. This activity has proved to make women appear irresistible, and that is exactly how you want to be to your client.

Hey, but wait a minute!

People are different, and we all have preferences. If you’re having a date night with a client that you have previously met, chances are he likes your style. I’ll advice you keep the status quo and only apply one or two things for the sake of doing things in a slightly different way. No matter what the situation is, communication is important. If your date and you are comfortable with each other, there are a lot of ways you can both create to make things quite interesting for each other.